One of the principle outputs of ‘Networking Archives’ will be an open-access ‘meta-archive’ containing curated records for c. 450,000 early modern letters contained in the Tudor and Stuart State Papers, linked out to the manuscript images on Gale’s State Papers Online, and EMLO‘s constantly expanding collection of learned correspondences from the period, likewise linked to a wide variety of national and international resources. Published on EMLO, these records will be available for interrogation and reuse via a variety of search, browse, and visualisation tools.

Our policy will be to provide free access to EMLO metadata records as quickly and fully as possible. In the case of Gale’s State Papers Online, manuscript images will remain accessible only to those within a subscribing institution. However, for the first time the person, place, and letter records from the State Papers will be freely searchable, interlinked to other data in EMLO, exportable, and reusable under open access with external tools.

At the end of the project, EMLO’s ‘meta-archive’ will be deposited under open-access in ORA-Data, Oxford’s permanent institutional repository for research data.

To support these activities, we intend, together with our development partners at the KNAW Humanities Cluster, to enhance the custom metadata disambiguation and reconciliation tools previously created by Cultures of Knowledge and Tudor Networks of Power and better integrate our software with external tools such as OpenRefine.