Dr Esther van Raamsdonk joins ‘Networking Archives’

We are delighted to announce that Dr Esther van Raamsdonk has joined our project team as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant based at Queen Mary University of London.

Her Ph.D. thesis, ‘Milton, Marvell and Seventeenth-Century Anglo-Dutch Relations’ (University of Exeter) examines the connections between the United Provinces and England in a transnational framework. As well as developing several strands of under-considered connections in trade, politics, religion and intellectual exchange, the thesis explores Andrew Marvell and John Milton as crucially ‘European’ rather than only ‘English’ literary and political figures.

She is currently preparing a monograph from this material, due to be published this year, entitled ‘Milton, Marvell, and the Dutch Republic’, with Routledge. Her current research interests and publications include work on Milton and the spice trade, state intelligence gathering and information networks, Joost van den Vondel’s religious and political plays, Dutch and English demons in pamphlet culture, and common destinations and reactions displayed in travelogues of the period.

Please join us in welcoming Esther to ‘Networking Archives’!